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Meeting Us...

The worship service can be the first step on a faith journey.        

We take many paths in our lives.  Some are exciting and exhausting, some relaxing, while some take us to a new place, and others lead nowhere.

On our journey we are faced daily with decisions, demands, and can find ourselves standing at the crossroads of life and trying to decide which direction we should take.                                               

Our faith journey doesn’t have to be complicated if we take the time to focus on what is important — knowing, loving and serving God.

Within our community we can connect and explore our faith with others who are also on the journey. It’s the place where we can begin to examine Christianity, study the Bible and discover how we can know, love and serve God each day of our lives.                                                        


Our God is an awesome God, full of love, mercy and grace.  

Each Sunday we gather at 10.00am to sing our praises, offer our prayers, listen to God’s word   
(The Bible), and listen to God’s message for us (the sermon.)                                                         

On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate Holy Communion (shared bread and wine),
opening ourselves up to receive this special feast, being invited by our Lord Jesus Christ!