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Our Story...                                                         

In July of 2011 our faith journey began with the consolidation
of Thornton and Valley Vista United Methodist Churches
becoming one.

Our hope is that you will journey along with us. 

We don’t have all the answers,  nor do we consider we have “arrived.” 

We do know that at Journey of Faith United Methodist Church
we can travel the road together that leads to a fuller
understanding of God, and can get to know  Jesus Christ in an intimate way. Both our predecessor churches had a lot in common –  both founded in 1956 just a   few miles apart – with the same mission and beliefs.

As in the past, we seek to spiritually grow through prayer, worship,
and service to the community, enhancing our faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior.

With a background of 56 years, the birth of Journey of Faith United Methodist Church remains united in Christ and His Love.