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  Supply Pastor...    

       Ingrid De Ruiter           pastoridr@aol.com                                                                            

     Journey of Faith United Methodist Church  

                                      1200 El Paso Blvd
                                      Denver, CO 80221

                                  Tel 303 429 7181
                            E-mail   jofumc2@aol.com

                        Pastor Rev. F. Latham-Durrant                                                                             E-mail    Pastorfld@aol.com

                        Associate Pastor Ingrid De Ruiter                                                                     E-mail     pastoridr@aol.com

    We are here for you! 

     Any questions, concerns are never too large or small to contact us about. 

     Our office hours are Monday –Wednesday                                                           9.00 am - 1:00 pm. 

     We would love to hear from you!