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                      Our Pastor…
                                                       Rev. Freddie Latham-Durrant

Once upon a long way away a baby girl was born in the North West of England who grew up to be Methodist Minister.   

In testing her call “call” spent a year in missionary service with her husband Gordon in a costal deprived city in the North East of England.
Her theological study at Spurgeons College gained her an MDiv leading to her Ordination in 2000. 

Reverend freddie Latham-Durrant was appointed to a church in Hamsterley County, Durham, U.K. to re-plant an old and once vibrant congregation then down to four people.  She remained there for six years turning this church around and providing hope for the future.

Working closely with Rev Dr Rob Frost, national evangelist for the UK Methodist Conference, who became a great mentor and personal friend, she was involved in a considerable number of national events he organized. 

Freddie was part of the leadership team for Easter People Annual Christian Conference attended over 15,000 people. Holding key responsibilities for worship events in various styles from creative worship through to reflective worship.   She has led mission teams annually both in the UK and USA, also organized evangelistic musicals

She helped found Insight into Life a non-profit organizing helping churches to become more culturally relevant and able to communicate the Gospel into today’s society through workshops, planning worship services.

 In 2002 Freddie’s furniture went on a cruise across the Atlantic and she found herself with her husband in beautiful sunny, snowy Colorado for her first appointment.  

What an adventure!

In 2006 she moved to be the Pastor of Thornton and Valley Vista United Methodist Churches who consolidated to become Journey of Faith United Methodist Church where Freddie continues to serve.

Her husband, Gordon, is a retired design engineer and a terrific support in Freddie’s ministry.  Gia, her French Mastiff of 110 pounds is regarded as the church dog, who regularly attends Bible study and other church activities.

Her daughter Kate and husband, Christian, moved to Denver with his job fifteen years ago.  They have two children, Poppy and Fynn.  Rev. Freddie says "it's so special that we are all here in Denver and can spend time together as a family and as grandparents."                                                            

The adventure goes on!